Personalised Pencils | Affordable & Printed With Your Message

The range we have of personalised pencils are second to none. We supply the highest quality printed pencils at very affordable prices. We’ve got many different styles of pencils to suit any order you can throw at us. Our Eco friendly pencils are for companies who want to be known as eco conscious and are looking to make a difference in this world. These cheap pencils are made from recycled materials, giving them that extra attractive feature when the time comes to hand them out at trade shows. Personalised Mechanical pencils are must-haves in a corporate environment. Each of these printed pencils with your logo or message will do its job, because they all come with executive appeal and don't need to be sharpened.

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Pencils

Metal Finish Pencil
Metal Finish pencils make unique corporate gifts while remaining affordable
from $6.70 to $3.78 ea
50 min qty
Enviro Natural Pencil
Enviro Natural Pencils come pre sharpened and are an environmentally friendly choice
from $0.44 to $0.29 ea
1000 min qty
PVC Pencil Case
PVC Pencil Cases will hold all your kids stationery for school
from $2.07 to $1.17 ea
250 min qty
Standard HB Pencil
Standard HB Pencils in great range of colours including black, red, green and white
from $0.53 to $0.31 ea
250 min qty
Printed Pencil With Eraser
Printed Pencils with an eraser have a terrific 115mm x 20mm branding area
from $0.56 to $0.31 ea
250 min qty
Carpenters Pencil
Carpenters Pencils fold down for easy storage and can be personalized with printing
from $0.68 to $0.44 ea
250 min qty
Kids 6 Pack Colouring Pencils
Kids 6 Pack Colouring Pencils comprise of half pencils with different colours
from $0.94 to $0.50 ea
250 min qty
Circle Sharpeners
Cheap Pencil Sharpeners available in white, blue or yellow
from $1.02 to $0.63 ea
250 min qty
Fluoro Eraser
Fluoro Erasers come in 5 different fluoro colours
from $0.82 to $0.63 ea
500 min qty
Half Sized Coloured Pencils
Half Sized Coloured Pencils are fun promotional giveaways
from $1.62 to $1.20 ea
250 min qty
Recycled Pencil Box
Recycled Pencil Boxes can be fun promotional products
from $1.13 to $0.69 ea
250 min qty
Coloured Pencil Box
Coloured Pencil Boxes are high quality promotional pencil sets
from $1.84 to $1.18 ea
100 min qty
Crayon Promo Pack
Crayon Promo Packs with twelve small crayons in a recyclable box
from $2.87 to $1.88 ea
100 min qty
School Pencil Case
School Pencil Cases can be customised with your school name.
from $5.10 to $2.68 ea
100 min qty
Promo Pencil Sharpener
Promo Pencil Sharpeners have a fantastic light bulb shape
from $2.60 to $1.93 ea
250 min qty
Personalized Round Eraser
Personalized Round Erasers can be branded with your business logo
from $1.19 to $0.93 ea
500 min qty
Eades Eraser
Eades Erasers are excellent for use in your office or home study.
from $0.94 to $0.59 ea
250 min qty