Light Pens

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Bernardino Promotional Stylus Pens are equipped with an LED light.
from $1.44 to $0.96 ea
250 min qty
Zara Light Pens
Introducing the Zara Light Pens is a smart and fashionable writing instrument.
from $1.99 to $1.51 ea
250 min qty
Copco Hybrid Pens are great all-rounders for executives.
from $2.58 to $1.82 ea
100 min qty
Important Info3 Day Service Available
Benito Light Pen
Custom Benito Light Pens have a rubberised finish and matching stylus tip.
from $2.70 to $2.43 ea
250 min qty
Flashing Red Heart Pen
Flashing Red Heart Pens are ideal promotional tools for pharmaceutical companies
from $3.82 to $2.61 ea
100 min qty
Flashing Novelty Light Pen
Flashing Novelty Light Pens are funny ballpoint pens
from $3.92 to $2.60 ea
100 min qty
Ballpoint Light Pen
Ballpoint Light Pens feature a cow's head.
from $4.54 to $2.95 ea
150 min qty
Ballpoint Frog Light Pen
Ballpoint Frog Light Pens are great marketing tools.
from $4.54 to $2.95 ea
150 min qty
Ballpoint Horse Light Pen
Ballpoint Horse Light Pens are top quality at a reasonable price.
from $4.54 to $2.95 ea
150 min qty
LED Promo Light Pen
LED Promo Light Pens are always handy at trade shows
from $7.24 to $3.23 ea
50 min qty
Rainbow Colour Light Pen
Rainbow Colour Light Pens are cool looking promotional LED pens.
from $10.40 to $4.79 ea
50 min qty

Light pens are amazing original pens with the added feature of stunning lights! Different methods can be used from pressing a button to bumping them against a hard surface to activate the lights. Some of these pens have solid LED lights or flashing colours for a more dramatic effect.

What an amazing way to promote your business and these promotional light pens are guaranteed to grab people's attention with their stunning LED lights. All pens have functioning black ballpoint ink and are ready for your next promotion. If you’re looking for some more amazing and unique pens check out our range of USB Flash Drive Pens.