Be Eco Friendly With Our Cool Colouring Pencils

As we all know, protecting the environment has become quite an important thing in our daily life. Our eco friendly colouring pencils are definitely the ideal product you deserve to own. In recent days, these high quality pencils have become more and more popular among modern people, especially among kids and people who like drawing.

Eco friendly colouring pencils offer people a great way to catch other people’s attentions. Besides, the colouring pencils supplied here deserve to gain your consideration, since they have an attractive appearance, great quality and cheap. These pencils are packed into a recycled cardboard box. At the same time, these pencil sets come with 12 paper pencils which are entirely made from recycled materials. On top of that, you can also print your distinctive customised details on the product box, such as company name, logo, slogan or information. It is sure that these products are excellent promotional item’s you deserve to own.

Don’t miss out and order our eco friendly colouring pencils!

15 April, 2015

The Pens Only Team