How This Pen Takes Your Brand From Seemingly To Slimmingly Great

Slimmer Pens like these plastic silver trim pens can be custom printed with your logo and company name on either the barrel or the clip and have prominent silver sections on the push button and front section. They come in two colours yellow and blue. It’s light on the hand and comfortable to write with, allowing you to have a better grip.

They’re great for jotting on business cards, recording directions, signing checks or writing quick notes. With its smoothness in writing and its great feel, our slimmer pens are the pens you need to share amongst your clients and potential clients.

Our slimmer pens are also great as gifts at events, conferences and tradeshows. It promotes your brand professionally and showcases your brand constantly. Bulk buy today and notice the difference.

13 May, 2015

The Pens Only Team