How You Can Write, Text, Type Easier Than Ever

Our website introduces fantastic ‘illumine stylus pens’ - helping you to write, text, type easier than ever.

Illumine stylus pens feature a screen cleaner on the cap. This feature ensures a perfectly clean screen all day, everyday. Not only does it screen clean your device, it also has a stylus barrel to enact the ballpoint pen to multitask easier without having to use your fingers. It also comes with a white LED light - so if you ever need to read something important, the LED light will help you see perfectly.

Our illumine stylus pens allow you to have your company name and logo custom printed on either the cap or the sides. This will promote your brand to consumers directly and effectively. To showcase your brand even more, these stylus pens are fantastic as corporate gifts to your clients. Your name will be advertised to your potential customers unambiguously. These are the pens you need as your next marketing product.

illumine stylus pens

21 July, 2015

The Pens Only Team