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7 December, 2021

Our Current Top 5 Promotional Pens

We get asked a lot about what is the most popular promotional pen at the moment, so we thought we’d save you the trouble of a phone call or email and list our current five best selling custom printed pens and why they are so popular

  1. Sonata: This plastic pen has a lot going for it. Streamline design; it has a gloss white barrel that is perfect for printing any colour logo along with bright trims at the tip, end and centre ring of the pen. There are two branding areas, besides the clip and on the barrel, and there are five colour choices. The impressive part of this pen is you can do a full-colour digital print, which allows for a big scope in the designs you can do. It’s easy to see why this has made our top 5.

  2. Flamingo: When it comes to eye-catching design, the flamingo pen has it all. It has a very striking clip design with an interior colour. The colours are all super vibrant and when the pen is twisted to reveal the carbide ball, the colour becomes exposed. A big feature of this pen is the ink refill. It is German made and has a whopping 1,800m writing capacity. That’s easily over one years’ worth of ink in one refill. Just like the Sonata, it can also have a full-colour digital print added, which looks great when contrasted from the white barrel.

  3. Benson: When you talk about value for money metal pens, it doesn’t get any better than our Benson pen. Slimline design, you can still get 7mm high on the print and the 50mm width means it is long enough for any website URL to be printed or engraved. Another appealing aspect of this pen is the colour choices. 13 different colours, there is one to match almost any business. The anodised aluminium barrel means it is light to hold, and the engraving colour comes out white, so your company name is vibrant and easy to see.

  4. Brane: For people looking for a more upmarket metal pen that can be printed or engraved, the Brane has been outstanding. Quality gold finishes and four corporate colours, they come with a massive 3,000m Parker type black ink refill. Smooth twist-action with an engraved finish of silver/champagne depending on the pen colour chosen, these have been a bigger seller in the corporate market, with many opting to present them in a pen gift box.

  5. Parker Jotter Pens: The name Parker is synonymous with quality, and their Jotter pen is the entry-level of their range. Make no mistake, they might be the entry-level, but they are still very good quality, and for corporate gifts, they have been a huge seller for many years. You have the Jotter original with silver and colour barrels followed by the Jotter XL for that next level in quality. All of them carry the Parker insignia and are presented in a gift box. A great seller that has stood the test of time.

So, there you have it – our current five best sellers. Each one has their own particular style and reasons for their popularity, but each is here in its own right. If none of these is suitable for you, there are hundreds more to choose from on our website or you can also contact us and we are happy to make recommendations depending on what features you need for your pen and the budget it needs to fit in.

The Pens Only Team