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21 June, 2022

Promotional Message Pens Are Better Than A Bottle

There are 1,000's pen types and styles to choose from, but one we would like to highlight in case you haven't thought about them before is message pens. They have been around for many years, but not a lot of people use them effectively. We thought we'd go through some of the highlights of message pens and why you should consider them for your next promotion. They have plenty of branding areas and can really help to reinforce a message or to give in-depth business details.

message pens
Message Pens


  1. Highlight Business Details
    One way to use them is to highlight your business and what you offer. Most message pens allow for up to six different messages. One way to effectively use them is to have one line with your website, another with your phone number and then the next four messages write something about what your business offers. It's a great way to remind people of everything your company does. Rather than a pen with a logo and website, wouldn't it be better if you could list the different services your company offers? Perfect for real estate companies, banks, universities, and travel agencies - in fact, they are good for just about any business you can think of to advertise their services.
  2. Charities
    If you are wanting to drive more donations and create greater awareness about your charity, message pens offer a great opportunity. You can list the different things your charity supports, along with your website and phone number. You can give inspiring messages for people to read, or it could list dates of when you are having different events throughout the year that people can either help sponsor or attend. Perhaps you organise a few fun runs or walks each year or perhaps meet and greet days, all of these dates could be listed on the pen, so people are easily reminded of what is coming up.
  3. Date Reminders
    Message pens can also be used as date reminders. Perhaps you are a school with certain events that come up throughout the year. You can put the dates onto the pen, so people have an easy reminder. Councils could use them to remind people of specific local events that come up throughout the year such as a summer picnic day or maybe New Years' Eve celebrations or perhaps the Christmas carols in the park. There is a lot of flexibility in how you can use these pens to highlight upcoming events.
  4. Affirmations
    You can use message pens as a way to give affirmations to people. If you are a Church group, it could be affirmations of how people should live. If it is a workplace, perhaps you want to add some inspiring quotes or affirmations to lift people up. You may be a charity that helps with mental awareness. You could add different affirmations for people to use when they wake up to help them throughout the day. People enjoy reading positive messages, and a message pen allows for up to 6 of these on one pen, so they are a great way to help people in need.

There are many ways to use a message pen and the above are just a few of the suggestions. You have such a great branding area with six different messages that get rotated every time someone clicks the pen to use it, there is no reason why you shouldn't access this and use it as an opportunity to promote your business or cause.

The Pens Only Team