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17 December, 2021

Say It Loud With Promotional Banner Pens

Promotional Banner Pens are one of those products that just punch well above their weight. They have a huge branding area for such a small product and there are a multitude of ways you can use them. We thought we’d list some of the best ways banner pens have been used in the past.

  1. Banner Pens as a Calendar: The pull-out section of a banner pen is large enough to put a full year’s calendar on it. You can use it to highlight specific events. Perhaps you are a local council that does rubbish pickups. You could highlight the days each week when rubbish can be put out. Perhaps you are an event company with some important dates you want clients to be aware of – you can highlight them so nobody misses out.

  2. Drug Companies: Many drug companies use banner pens to highlight the benefits of their drugs and list the ingredients. The barrel section is printed with the company or drug name, and then the pull-out section lists everything about the drug.

  3. Car Companies: The advantage of the pull-out section is you can do large graphics. Car companies have used that to their advantage to have an image of a new release car on one side and then all the features listed on the other side. These are then given out at trade expos for people to take home and review before purchase.

  4. Real Estate Agents: Promotional banner pens have been used by real estate agents to feature several current houses they have for sale. On one side they put the homes, and on the other side, they put their business details. People may not buy the houses advertised, but it shows people what the agency can do in case they want to buy in the future.

  5. Lawyers: Some lawyers have an extensive list of services they offer. It is difficult to fit it all onto a compact gift item, but a banner pen is perfect. Plenty of room for all their details along with the services they offer.

  6. Code Of Conduct: Some businesses have used these pens to list their code of conduct. It’s a friendly reminder to staff, and whenever needed, they can just pull the banner out and have a quick read. Always within arm’s reach, they are much better than a piece of paper that gets buried under a pile of correspondence.

  7. Emergency Phone Numbers: Many companies have used banner pens to print a list of emergency numbers for employees or clients. It could be a real estate agent listing the numbers for the lumber, electrician, etc., or it could be a local business sourcing company that lists handyman numbers in the area. Staff at larger corporations can list the central departments they need to contact.

  8. Hospitals: Local hospitals have used banner pens to send to residents in the area highlighting the emergency numbers they can use, along with the different ward areas and direct phone numbers to them. It is also suitable for patients leaving the hospital who need post-op care as they have all the numbers they need in one handy place.

  9. Business Cards: Many people have been creative in their thinking when it comes to their business cards and have turned to banner pens. People receiving a card will have no qualms in tossing it in the rubbish bin. Still, people aren’t going to throw away a working pen, so even if they are not interested in your service immediately, they may do later on and then they have your pen at hand to get all your details.

Above are just some of the ways businesses have been creative in using banner pens. If you want to use some for your next promotion but are unsure what would work best, contact us by phone or email, and we’d be happy to help.

The Pens Only Team