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24 March, 2022

Sharpen Your Advertising With Custom Pencils

We know the pen is mightier than the sword, but a pencil comes a close second and, in some instances, beats a pen. You may think this is not possible, but have a think about it. There are many advantages to using a pencil.

1. Pencils don’t leak.
2. You know how long it will last.
3. They are more eco-friendly.
4. If you make a mistake, you can rub it out.
5. They come in a range of colours.
6. They are Cheap!

Personalised pencils are functional and represent a great ROI considering how long they can be used in comparison to their cost. They also appeal to a broad range of people, from kids to adults. Let’s take a closer look at some of these advantages

1. Pencils don’t leak: How many times have you reached for a pen in your pocket only to find it has leaked. It wrecks your shirt or blouse and has to throw it out. Worse still if you have it in a trouser pocket or inner pocket of a jacket. That won’t happen with a pencil.

2. You know how long it will last: We’ve all experienced it. You grab for a pen to jot a note down and the darn thing doesn’t work. You scribble on the paper to try and get the ink moving, you rub it between your hands, but still no luck. Each time you grab your pencil you know it is going to work.

3. They are more eco-friendly: Yes, pencils are made from wood and this means trees need to be cut down to make them, but this is still preferable to the amount of plastic used in pens. Also, the inks used in ballpoint pens can be toxic. It’s not enough to make you sick, but it is more toxic compared to a pencil. If you want to go more eco-friendly there is now a range of pencils made from recycled paper.

4. If you make a mistake, you can rub it out: This is the big one. Make a mistake – no problem – just rub it out. You can’t do that with a pen You either have to then scribble over the top of your mistake or use one of those horrible correction tapes. Pencils are great for writing briefs before you finalise them as you can write and erase as much as you want.

5. They come in a range of colours: If you are lucky, you can get 4 colours on a pen. The type you can click down and choose a colour, but the majority are just one colour. Black or Blue – we say boring to that. Pencils you can get in a massive colour range. Black, blue, red, green and then go to more exotic colours of orange, purple or even pink. You can get a lot more creative with colours when you use a pencil.

6. They are Cheap! They don’t come cheaper for a writing instrument than a pencil. If you buy them in bulk, they are way cheaper than a pen. This is perfect if you have a promotion where you need to do mass marketing to 100’s or 1000’s people.

So now you have many good reasons to go out and start using custom pencils for your next promotion. Whether it is using single wooden pencils or giving pencil sets, there is something to suit everyone. If you need help deciding what would work best for your promotion, get in touch – we’d love to help.

The Pens Only Team