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1 June, 2022

Why Are Promotional Pens Still So Effective?

According to the Mirror newspaper in the UK, the average person loses 400 pens during their lifetime. If we take the average life expectancy which is currently between 75 and 81 years old, that means on average we lose at least 5 pens every year of our life. That is a lot of pens to misplace, but this is also why promotional pens are still so effective. Even in this age of technology, we still use a pen almost every day of our life for something. They are the promotional product for so many reasons.

  1. Price: Pens would have to be one of the most affordable promotional items any company can buy to offer to customers. They can be bought for well under $0.50 each, making them affordable for any marketing budget. You could purchase 1,000 pens for well under $500, giving you a product, you can give out in mass.
  2. Lightweight: Unlike other products that can be cumbersome to move around, pens are very lightweight. Just a few boxes and you have everything you need for that trade show giveaway. Also, being lightweight, means you can hold 5 or 10 in your hand at a time, ensuring anyone who passes by receives one. This ease in handing them out makes them very appealing.
  3. Always Wanted: As per what was written at the start of this blog, pens are always in demand and wanted by people. It is one of those products you have on a desk, in your pocket, on the kitchen table, on the office desk, in a jar at the side of the cabinet – we have pens everywhere because we are always looking for one. “Anyone has a pen” is still a catch cry today. This ensures whoever you give the pen to will not throw it our like other smaller promotional products. They are useful and valued, meaning people will keep the pen until either it runs out of ink or is lost, giving you the maximum benefit from your purchase.
  4. Huge Range Of Options: There are literally thousands of designs of promotional pens. You’ve got pens with push-button or twist-action, rubber grips, contrasting trims, dimples, solid and two-tone colours, clear, transparent, opaque and solid-coloured barrels, and options for different coloured inks and the list goes on. This means there is actually a pen for everyone!
  5. Branding Options: Depending on the barrel material, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to branding. The most basic and popular style, also due to its price, is pad printing. These are solid ink colours printed onto the barrel of the pen and are still the main branding method used. The second option depending on the pen style is to have it screen printed. This usually means the print can be wrapped around the barrel, giving you a larger print area. The third method that has become very popular in the past five years is direct digital printing. This enables full-colour prints with tonal to be added to a pen. This is quite a game-changer as previously pens could only be printed in solid colours. Now you can print whatever you like. The last branding method if for metal pens and that is engraving. The top layer of metal is removed to expose the metal underneath. This contrast gives your branding and the big benefit to engraving is it will last the life of the pen. Whether the pen gets scratched, thrown in drawers, is put in and out of pockets, the branding never comes off when compared to printing.

Promotional Pens have been around for over a century and they will still be here long after we are all gone. If that is not a testament to how effective promotional pens are, then I am not sure what is.

The Pens Only Team