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8 March, 2024

World Records and Pens: Fascinating Guinness World Records For Pens

Hey there, pen enthusiasts and trivia buffs! Buckle up because we’re about to look into some of the most fascinating World Records that revolve around - you guessed it - pens. Who knew these trusty writing instruments could be the stars of such mind-boggling feats? Let's scribble through this ink-splattered journey together.

1) The Longest Writing Marathon by an Individual
The record was 48 hours and 10 minutes by Manoj Kumar Maharana from India on 10-13 December 2020. He accomplished this feat in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.

This incredible undertaking showcases not just physical endurance and mental determination but also a deep passion for writing. Over two days, he had to maintain focus, fight the urge to sleep, and deal with the physical strain of continuous writing. It’s a challenge that pushes the boundaries of concentration and dedication to the craft.

2) Largest Collection of Pens
This record is held by Angelika Unverhau from Dinslaken, Germany. She has amassed a staggering total of 288,000 different pens from over 146 countries as of 10 April 2011. Angelika's collection began in 1990 and has grown to include pens of all shapes, sizes, and designs, each with its own story and provenance. From fountain pens to promotional ballpoint pens, this is the mother of all collections.

This record is a testament to the dedication and passion of collectors who seek to find unique pieces that span various cultures and time periods. For a pen collector, the joy often lies in the hunt for rare, exotic, or historical pens, as well as the community and connections that come with sharing such interests with fellow enthusiasts around the world.

3) The Most Expensive Pen Ever Sold

Most Expensive Pen

The title of the world's priciest pen is held by the Tibaldi Fulgor Nocturnus, fetching a cool $8 million at auction. Its name, derived from Latin, translates to "glow of the night" – an apt description considering the pen's lavish adornment with black diamonds.

Crafted from an opulent array of 123 rubies, 945 black diamonds, and gold, the pen's structure and aesthetics are inspired by the golden ratio, often referred to as the Divine Proportion. Adorning its body are the lustrous black diamonds, while the cap is accentuated with deep red rubies, adding a striking contrast to the pen's grandeur.

4) Fastest Time to Draw a Million Dots
Ever thought about how many dots you could draw in a minute? How about an hour? Well, one individual decided to see how long it would take to draw a million of them. Armed with unwavering focus and, undoubtedly, a very fine-tipped pen, this person dashed their way into the record books. It’s a peculiar way to make a mark, but a record-breaking one indeed!

That person was Saurabh Chaudhary from India on May 26, 2017. He completed a million dots in 210 hours. This feat was meticulous and demanded a tremendous amount of patience, precision, and undoubtedly a significant amount of ink.

5) Largest Human Image of a Pen
Imagine a bird’s eye view of a sea of people, coming together to form the image of a pen. This record involved meticulous planning, coordination, and a lot of willing participants who stood together to create the largest human image of a pen. Not only is this a record for the books, but it’s also a beautiful metaphor for unity—showing that when we come together, we can create something both meaningful and record-worthy.

It was achieved by 1,098 participants in an event organised by Camlin Kokuyo at Somaiya Ground in Mumbai, India, on 12 January 2016.

6) Longest Chain of Pens
There’s something utterly charming about the longest chain of pens ever assembled. It’s a link-by-link testament to patience and perhaps a quirky passion for clicking pens together. This lengthy chain not only set a world record but also likely provided an oddly satisfying visual for all those who beheld it.

It was achieved by Uday Kher (India) in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, on 12 December 2015. The chain consisted of 286,824 pens and measured 3,143.65 m (10,313 ft 3 in).

7) Most People Writing Simultaneously
This record would involve a large gathering of people, all putting pen to paper at the same time. It’s a celebration of literacy and the shared human experience of writing. The logistics of getting everyone to start writing at the exact same moment is quite a feat!

It was set on 7th December 2011, when 7,213 participants took part in an event organised by Emami Shiksha Niketan School (India) in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

8) Fastest Time to Empty a Ballpoint Pen
This quirky challenge would test the speed at which someone can deplete a pen of all its ink through continuous writing. It’s a true marathon for both the writer and the pen. The constant scribbling or drawing until the ink reservoir runs dry would be quite the endurance test.

It was set by André Ortolf of Germany, who emptied a pen in 7 minutes and 27 seconds on 1 December 2017. This record involved drawing lines with the pen until it ran out of ink.

9) Most Signatures in One Greeting Card by a Single Pen
Imagine a single pen travelling across a greeting card, collecting signatures from individuals from different walks of life. The record for the most signatures in one card by a single pen would symbolise the pen’s reliability and the unity of the signatories.

The Guinness World Record for the most contributions to a greetings card is 13,288 and was achieved by an event organised by the Dubai Police Force (UAE), in celebration of the 43rd National Day of the United Arab Emirates. The event took place at the Dubai Police Academy during their Carnival on 1 December 2014.

10) Most Pen Clicks in a Minute

Most Pen Clicks In A Minute

For those who love the click of a retractable pen, this record would be all about the number of times one can click a pen in a minute. It’s a test of speed, rhythm, and perhaps one's tolerance for repetitive sounds.

This record was achieved by Evan Fitzpatrick Madden with 320 pen clicks in one minute. The record was set on April 13, 2009 at Madden’s home in Temperance, Michigan.

11) The Longest Line of Pens
Similar to the longest chain, but instead, pens are laid end to end to create the longest possible line. This would require a large space and an enormous number of pens to set a record.

Abdulhak Hamit Middle School (Turkey) in Istanbul, Turkey, on 3 May 2019 set the record. The line consisted of 286,824 pens and measured 5,566.61 m (18,260 ft 5 in) in length.

12) Most Pen Flips in a Minute
Pen flipping has become a popular pastime, and it wouldn't be surprising if there were a record for the most pen flips performed in a minute. This would combine skill, dexterity, and perhaps a bit of luck.

It was achieved by Shane Wighton of the USA on 6 July 2020, managing 63 pen flips.

13) Crazy Records
Below are some crazy record attempts. Do a search online for them - it is very amusing - and quite baffling why people would even attempt them

- Longest Time Balancing A Pen On Nose While Standing On A Rola Bola.
- Longest Time Balancing a Playing Card On Top Of A Pen.
- Most Sharpie Markers Held In One Hand At Once.
- Most Pens Glued To A Mercedes Benz.
- Most Words Written On A Pair Of Jeans.
- Longest Time Spinning A Basketball On A Pen Held In The Mouth.
- Most Times Writing The Word "Weird" in 30 Seconds.

And the list goes on!

These records celebrate the pen in all its glory, from its functional uses to its potential for entertainment. While some records highlight the pen's role in art and literature, others may seem a bit more whimsical. Regardless, each record represents a unique challenge and an opportunity for pen enthusiasts to leave their mark. If you're curious about the latest records or want to attempt your own, checking out the Guinness World Records website or reaching out to record-keeping organisations would be the way to go. Who knows what new pen-related achievements have been inked into history since then!

So next time you pick up a pen to jot down a grocery list, sign a receipt, or pen a heartfelt letter, remember that you’re holding a tool that has the power to break records. Who knows? With a pen in your hand, you might just be on the cusp of your own world record. Keep writing, keep dreaming, and who knows – the next record could have your name written all over it!

The Pens Only Team