Promotional stationery is an ideal accompaniment to our promotional pens. We are sure you will find some office stationery amongst the choices below that you can brand with your corporate logo.

We have a great selection of promotional notepads, memo holders, pen holders, rulers and post it notes that your company can use as merchandise gifts.

Print your business information like your company details and logo onto any of our promotional stationery products and promote your business in a smart and effective way. For a more complete range of conference merchandise check out our parent website.

Just a few of our best selling Promotional Products in Stationery

Eco Friendly Notepad
Eco Friendly Notepads make effective promotional marketing ideas with ruled spiral paper sheets and a promotional pen included
from $3.77 to $3.29 ea
100 min qty
Promotional Note Holder
Promotional Note Holders in stylish design are low cost promotional desk accessory items in silver colour.
from $9.66 to $3.47 ea
50 min qty
Made in Australia
Branded A4 50 Page Note Book
Branded A4 50 Page Note Books will give your brand a useful promotional device when printed with your logo and contact details
from $5.90 to $2.69 ea
100 min qty
Pocket Notepad
Pocket Notepads are sure to be well received by anyone in the business world, making them effective promotional tools
from $1.81 to $1.49 ea
100 min qty
Printed Ruler
20cm Printed Rulers are effective promotional goods for advertising your business with custom screen printing option
from $0.96 to $0.66 ea
100 min qty
Cheap Promotional Ruler
Cheap Promotional Rulers won't break your advertising budget and can be screen printed in up to four colours
from $0.96 to $0.66 ea
100 min qty
Silver Stapler
Silver Staplers with their stand-up style make quality promotional items and can be pad-printed with your business name.
from $8.66 to $6.83 ea
50 min qty
Aluminium Slimline Ruler
Aluminium Slimline Rulers with their tough aluminium construction make excellent corporate gift ideas in their own gift box
from $9.39 to $3.57 ea
50 min qty
Compact Memo Set
Compact Memo Sets feature coloured tabs and a pen and make an ideal marketing promotional giveaway idea
from $4.64 to $3.70 ea
50 min qty
A5 Size Journal
A5 Size Journals are conveniently sized for fitting into your briefcase
from $4.95 to $3.50 ea
50 min qty
Tear Restistant Notebooks
Tear Resistant Notebooks are executive look notepads to suit your staff or clients for your next giveaway idea.
from $5.28 to $3.64 ea
50 min qty
Quality Magnifying Ruler
Quality Magnifying Rulers offer two functions in one product.
from $1.55 to $0.96 ea
250 min qty
Magnetic Document Clip
Magnetic Document Clips can hold larger documents.
from $2.03 to $1.35 ea
250 min qty
Madison Coloured Notebook
Madison Coloured Notebooks are practical and useful in the office.
from $6.43 to $5.58 ea
100 min qty
Heart Memo Clip
Heart Memo Clips can be custom printed with your business info.
from $2.74 to $2.36 ea
250 min qty
Clip Pocket Magnifier
Clip Pocket Magnifiers are great for keeping around the office
from $3.14 to $1.97 ea
250 min qty
White Book Magnifiers
White Book Magnifiers can be customised.
from $1.61 to $0.99 ea
250 min qty
Warren Desktop Pen Holder
Warren Desktop Pen Holders are a puzzle style designed in the shape of a semi trailer.
from $6.32 to $4.50 ea
100 min qty
Tracks Pen Holders are produced in EVA foam.
from $6.11 to $4.24 ea
100 min qty
Primo Gift Set
The primo gift set is a competitively priced promotional giveaway item for your business.
from $17.00 to $13.59 ea
25 min qty
Sweep Gift Set
The custom sweep gift set is a thoughtful way to reach out to and foster loyalty with customers.
from $13.96 to $11.07 ea
25 min qty
Vivid Gift Set
This printed vivid gift set is a budget-friendly way to leave a wonderful impression on your clients.
from $15.10 to $12.23 ea
25 min qty
Set of 20 Light Bulb Paper Clips
Custom Set of 20 Light Bulb Paper Clips put your business name onto office desks.
from $2.22 to $1.92 ea
100 min qty

Creative Promotional Gift Ideas

Promote and advertise your company in an effective and business related way by using any of our promotional stationery products like our printed rulers and stuck notes which can make great merchandising and grab bag products for trade show events. Our pen holders make outstanding desk accessories and can ensure that your company image is visible for years to come. We have stylish pen holders for you to choose from and can make any desk look great.

Post it notes are a important promotional idea. People love to keep these on their desks and with every sheet they pull your company logo or message is seen time after time. We have cheap promotional ideas like our 15cm plastic rulers or 75mm x 75mm post it note pads. Printed rulers are another popular promotional item and we can screen print your message along the entire length of our rulers. We also offer scale rulers for the professional and cheap rulers like our 30cm rulers made from recycled plastic. Notepads are another popular stationery item. You can have notepads with simple cardboard backing or they can be in PVC covers. Custom printed diaries are the ideal executive gift and we can do day to page view diaries or week to page view diaries depending on your company needs.